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Sorbitol, chemically it is a kind of glycerol, is a sugar alcohol that the human body metabolizes gradually. It is readily obtained by reduction of glucose by changing the aldehyde group into a hydroxyl group. It is naturally abundant and it was discovered by A French chemist in the berries of the mountain ash.

Ingesting large amounts of sorbitol can lead to abdominal pain, flatulence, and mild to severe diarrhea. Sorbitol ingestion of 20 grams per day as sugar-free gum has led to severe diarrhea leading to unintended weight loss.

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In addition to providing sweetness, it is also an excellent texturizing and anti-crystallization agent. Sorbitol brings a cooling effect and gives many food products a very smooth texture due to its high-water retention property.

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Sorbitol is obtained from glucose, but preferably from fructose, and also via fermentation or catalytic hydrogenation. Fructose can be obtained from glucose via isomerization

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Sorbitol is used as an additive in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, paper and leather industries. It is also a raw material for various chemicals such as vitamin C, surfactants and resins.

Sorbitol has also a potential prebiotic effect in vivo, since it does not contribute to the formation of dental caries, is slowly and only partially absorbed in the small intestine and can reach the colon where it can act as substrate for bacterial fermentation.

If you have IBS-D this could be a problem! This sweetener could cause you to have more diarrhea-like symptoms. However, if you have IBS-C then it may actually help with emptying your bowels. The NHS website recommends avoiding sorbitol to prevent bloating, cramps and flatulence.

SORBITOL+TRICHOLINE is used to treat and prevent fatty liver disease and other liver-related disorders like hepatotoxicity. It contains Sorbitol (laxative) and Tricholine (bile acid-binding agent). Sorbitol is a laxative with a diuretic (urine-producing) and cathartic (that stimulates defecation) properties.